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Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trips

The sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River is world class. It is the best in the world.  There are sturgeon living in the entire length of the Columbia River.  They come in all sizes from little shaker size fish to huge fish over twenty feet long.  The keeper size slots vary, with a low slot size in the low forty inches to a top slot size of about fifty four inches.  We catch twenty, thirty or more fish each day.  They vary in size from little shakers to nice keepers to huge trophy size.


Sturgeon are strong hard fighting fish, almost every nice size fish you hook will jump multiple times. Double and triple hookups are common.  Fighting two or three sturgeon at the same is very exciting and challenging.  If you are fishing where you can keep them we will fillet and bag them for you.  They are delicious on the dinner plate.  You will go home with plenty of ready to eat sturgeon and a pleasant ache in your arms.  We fish for sturgeon from the mouth all the way upstream to McNary Dam.  You can catch and release sturgeon year round.

*We have a 10 day cancellation policy for all fishing trips

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