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Spring King Salmon Fishing Guided Trips



Spring King Salmon Fishing Tours | Washington State

The spring king salmon (springers) fishing is a magical time in the northwest.  These are the finest quality, best eating king salmon in the world.  Yes, higher quality and better tasting than even the Alaskan Copper River kings.  Again we are experts at helping you catch these fine tasting , hard fighting fish. March, April, May and the first two weeks of June are our springer months.  


We start our season in the lower Columbia in the Cathlamet area.  Trolling herring on the incoming and high tide.  Anchored with Quick fish and a sardine wrap on the outgoing tide.  As the season progresses we stay with the main body of migrating fish.  We follow them up the Columbia River past Bonneville and the other dams clear up to the McNary.  Using light refined tackle and techniques we have developed while guiding for over fifty years we catch our clients limits when most others are struggling.  


As we follow the Springers up the Columbia River we fish some areas where keeper sturgeon fishing is allowed.  Some places we catch and keep a mixed bag of Springers and Sturgeon.  We battle some giant, trophy size Sturgeon during these times.  Everyone knows if there are any fish around Clancy's will be catching more than our share.


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