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We have some very good fishing to offer you. The late winter steelhead have moved into the Cowlitz River in good numbers. Our clients are taking home plenty quality fish each day. This fishery will continue through April. This is a hands on fishery where you make your cast, drift & set the hook when he bites. Lots of fun & excitement. Try it call Clancy's Fishing Team 360-880-0409.

It is Springer time, Spring King Salmon clear through May. These are prime quality fish, the best tasting salmon I have eaten. We can take you where the limit is 2 fish per person daily. We troll for these salmon most of the time, however we have some other tricks up our sleeve. Lets go salmon fishing call Clancy's Fishing Team 360-880-0409.

Try our Kokanee salmon fishing special only $ 150.00 each. The limit is 10 fish person, many hookups, fun excitement. Bring the family, friends or business associates. The kids love it. These trips are on our beautiful lakes & you are catching landlocked salmon. Call Clancy's Fishing Team 360-880-0409.

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