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Current Fishing Opportunities

ATTENTION: We are experiencing great runs of King & Coho  Salmon in our Washington Rivers this fall.  Tremendous runs in the Columbia.  The tributaries are full of salmon.  A great time to enjoy some quality Salmon fishing!!                                                        



Clancy's Fishing Team 360-880-0409!!



Spring king Salmon!!  We fish the Columbia, Cowlitz, Lewis & Willamette Rivers, plus Drano Lake for Springers. We keep our clients in the right places at the right times, & help them to catch limits daily.  These salmon are the finest eating salmon in the world!!  Go with the experts.

Join Us call now 360-880-0409. 



Cowlitz, Lewis & Columbia  River Summer Steelhead, now through july. These high jumping, hard fighting fish move so fast your head will spin. The thrill of having one of these beautiful steelhead  on the end of your line is an exciting, wonderful  experience, the memory will last forever.  Try will like it!

MAY 2013 STEELHEAD # 26.jpg

BOTH CATCH & KEEP & CATCH & RELEASE SEASONS AVAILABLE!!  This is world class Sturgeon  fishing. Keeper Sturgeon season this year is May & the first week of June.  MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!!!. The average fish is four to six feet or more in length. They fight like they are on steroids, almost every fish jumps, sometimes repeatedly. They are delicious on the dinner plate.  Keeper Sturgeon season in the Columbia River estuary only happens once each year, book now!!!


Clancy's Fishing Team will be where the best fishing is happening, ready, willing and able to guide you to success!  If your quest is to catch some of these legendary fish, then join us, get in on the fun and let's go fishing! 


We also have gift certificates available for holidays.  Gift certificates are available for any of our trips.  This is the perfect gift for those that love fishing! Give us a call to purchase one and we'll have it to you in less than 5 minutes!

(360) 880-0409

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